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> Russian Tutor, for FREE
сообщение 11.10.2007, 19:44
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Okay, here we go. I'm a professional teacher of Russian as a foreign language, I'm native Russian (of course!), and I also studied journalism and used to work as a journalist and an editor, so I dare say my Russian is pretty good. As I said I'm a professional teacher, I've got plenty of experience of teaching Russian to students from different countries (the USA, Ireland, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Sweden) and of different levels from absolute beginners to upper-intermediate.

Teaching methology: old good communicative method, which means you study only those structures you can use right after the lesson. No 'learn by heart up to 100 words per lesson', no 'learn this grammar tables' - just logical explanation, communicative games, discussion, authentic materials.

Location: either Raboche-Krestyanskaya ('Ploschad' Sovetskaya' stop) at my school, or at my home 2 stops away from Park House.

Time: so far I'm pretty flexible, but later it will depend on my lessons.

Charge: FREE

Where's the catch? - I also teach English and desperately need native speakers of English to talk to my students. You don't have to be there all the time, just from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the level on my students, and you don't have to teach, just to talk on certain topics: from simple interviews (What's your name? How old are you? etc.) to more complicated discussions.

So the question is: will you trade one hour of your spare time per week for one professional lesson per week?

Feel free to drop me a line, or just give a call to +7 906 165 2376.
G-day and good luck in studying Russian, and medicine, and whatever you are studying now.

P.S. I'm sorry but my time is limited so I can't guarantee I will teach all those who contact me.
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